Ruthi Daugherty


Oslo, Norway


The first stop on our trip to Scandinavia, Oslo was a pleasent surprise.

Located in the Grunerlokka neighborhood, our well appointed and designed Airbnb was walking distance from lots of great spots. Best of all, it was upstairs from a cafe serving fresh juice and plant-based treats. Win!

Our days were spent wandering around, enjoying great coffee and walking along the Akerselva--the river running through Oslo. Or walking along the planes of the Opera House, quite the site to see and experience.

With delicious restaurants and cozy bars, our evenings were spent enjoying food and drink that warmed our bellies in the cold temps.

As we rode out of the harbor on a ferry toward Copenhagen, we clinked glasses of champagne to a wonderful time in Oslo.

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STAY  |  AirBnb
COFFEE  |  Tim Wendelboe
HEALTHY FOOD  |  Drivhuset Deli
FOOD MARKET  |  Mathallen Oslo
DRINKS  |  HIMKOK Storgata Destilleri
DINNER  |  Arakataka
SEE  |  Oslo Opera House
YOGA  |  Joy Yoga


Honorable Mentions:
Coffee | Supreme Roastworks, Solberg & Hansen Konseptbutikk
Do | Aker Brygge, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art
Drinks | Bortenfor, Territoriet

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