Ruthi Daugherty


Oslo, Norway


Different than the rest of Norway—known for spectacular nature views—Oslo has the feel of a fun and cultured city coming to life.

The Grunerlokka neighborhood is the “hip” area filled with walkable streets lined with cafes & shops. There is a concentration of stylish and delicious coffee destinations that will delight the senses.

Running through the city, the Akerselva provides green space and plenty of walking paths to enjoy.

With everything from cool food halls to fine dining restaurants serving fresh takes on Norwegian cuisine, the food scene is small but surprisingly impressive.

Cozy bars serving wine and gin summon you with their warm light as evening and cold sets in.

A reflection of the modern and urban side of the city, the Opera House is a stark and dramatic structure on the water waiting to be explored up-close on foot.

Oslo may be small, but it is mighty and filled with a sense of reinvention.

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STAY  |  AirBnb
COFFEE  |  Tim Wendelboe
HEALTHY FOOD  |  Drivhuset Deli
FOOD MARKET  |  Mathallen Oslo
DRINKS  |  HIMKOK Storgata Destilleri
DINNER  |  Arakataka
SEE  |  Oslo Opera House
YOGA  |  Joy Yoga


Honorable Mentions:
Coffee | Supreme Roastworks, Solberg & Hansen Konseptbutikk
Do | Aker Brygge, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art
Drinks | Bortenfor, Territoriet

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